Nordic Open - Lots of BG action before Main starts

19 March 2018, 09:36


Nordic Open starts on Wednesday the 28th of MAR. The Warmup tournament offers a free added entry to championship and all backgammonplayers can participate. Registration is from 18:00 - 18:45 and the tournament starts at 19:00.


Before that the Nations Cup will start at 18:00 where some of the strongest teams in the world compete to win this tournament exclusive for teams with players from same nation. This tournament has zero registration.


On Thursday 29th you have to register before 21:00 which is absolutely last chance to register for the main event.


All day thursday we play 4 and 8 player qualifiers for the main events  (many will play in these!) and some great side tournaments are kicked off (Doubles and ladies).


In addition the beginners tournament are kicked off. It is free to enter this tournament and matches are played without cube and are for absolutely beginners (os please invite your friends and family to this event starting and ending on Thursday). The event offers added prize (4 entries to Main division - Novice - starting on Friday). On top of these then winners will get other added prizes as well. Beginners division is kicked off at 14:00 and players must register at the registration desk before 13:30.