Denmark Vs. The World

Lineup of the 2017 version of DK vs. The World

10 April 2017, 15:04

Begynder turnering Nordic Open 2017

Kunne du tænke dig at prøve at spille backgammon?

Masse af præmier - gratis at deltage - kun begyndere.

10 April 2017, 00:24

Reduced entry fee in Ladies (Thursday 16:00)

On request of many we have decided to reduce the entry fee in Ladies to 20€/150DKK. We hope that this will bring many players at all levels to join the ladies tournament. The tournament kicks off Thursday at 16:00.

08 April 2017, 13:11

Last day to book hotel is April 5th

April 5th is the last day the Nordic Open hotel offer is valid and the link on the hotel page can be used.

04 April 2017, 09:24

NEW! Nordic Open Speed Tournemants

Want to be speed champion 2017?

29 March 2017, 21:25

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