Entry 2018

Entry & Registration main Events (DKK)


FlightEntryReg. Limitations
Championship3900 kr600 kr To be announced
Advanced1950 kr300 kr To be announced
Intermediate600 kr150 kr
To be announced
Novice150 kr0 kr 

To be announced


Entry & Registration side Events (DKK)


FlightEntryReg. Limitations
Beginners100krSponsor prices, played on Thursday
Nations Cup (5 players)11.225 kr0 krNo more than two teams per nation
Championship satellites (8 players)600 kr~6% None 2
Advanced satellites (8 players) 300 kr~6%  None 1 2
Warm Up300 kr10% None
Speed Gammon150, 750 kr10% Championship cannot play in 150
Consultation Doubles1500 kr10% None
Mix Consultation Doubles750 kr10%None
Night Foursome750 kr10% None
Night Jackpot750 kr10%None
Team Event (3 players)900 kr10% None
Ladies tournament150 kr10% None
Daily Tournament750 kr10%None
Super Jackpots3750 kr5% None
4-16 player Jackpots75- 1500 kr10-12,5% Special Beginner JP will be arranged


1) Players might be requested to play in a higher division. Liste med personer der kun kan spille i championship vil blive offentliggjort 
2) All satellites are 8-players cup. Winner receives a full entry.