Side Events

Ongoing Side Events


Jackpots 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 € (Clock preference)



Satellite Qualifiers (Thursday from 12:00)

On Thursday you have a chance to qualify for the main division in Championship and Advanced. Traditionally lots of people participate in these satellites. Both 4 and 8 player qualifiers will be arranged. Clock preference.


Daily Tournament (Sunday 14:00)

This tournament is for people visiting Nordic Open or for players who have lost their matches in the main event. The daily tournament is played on Saturday at 2pm. All matches are to 9 points with clock preference. Entry fee is 750DKK/100€ (10% reg).


Beginner Division (Thursday 12:00)

Are you new to backgammon? Then this is your big chance to win your first real tournament. Free to enter, Sponsored prizes, Final Thursday evening. 


Nations Cup (Wednesday 18:00)

Nations Cup is for teams with players of same nationality. Each team is 5 players and up to 2 reserves. The tournament is played as double elimination. Each nation must participate with up to two teams. This event has no registration this year (30 anniversary).


Consultation Double ()

Share the moments of victory with your partner. The way to learn backgammon is to discuss the gameplan and each move. In this tournament it is allowed to discuss the game with your partner. Clock preference.


Mix Doubles ()

Play Backgammon and have fun with your favorite backgammon partner of opposite sex. Note that one of the players must be out of main and be ready to play alone if required.


Speed Gammon ()

How fast can you play? Join this event and become the Nordic Champion in speed gammon. Clocks settings are 2mins/10 sec - Clock Obligation.

This year the speed tournament will replace the last chance. there will be 2 divisions. 20€ (no championship players) and 100€ (Open for all).


Night Foursome ()

Late night event. Teams of two players. In a match players from same team take decisions on turns and are NOT allowed to consult at all during the games.


Night Jackpot ()

Late night event.


Ladies Tournament ()

All women can participate in this event and be crowned Nordic Female Champion. Clock preference.


Juniors Tournament ()

If you are no more than 17 years old you can play in he juniors event. Best of 3 games - no cube, no gammons. 


Team Tournament ()

Play this tournament with your friends. Get a chance to beat several of the teams playing in the famous Danish Team tournament. Clock preference.


Super Jackpots ()

Want to win big prizes? Join our 500 € Super Jackpot starting Saturday evening. Note this event only has 5% registration. Clock preference.


Championship Final Commentary ()

The final in championship will be commented by Karsten Bredahl (2 times Nordic Open winner)


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