Video clips from Nordic Open 2010

The Nordic Open Final

Nordic Open's final

Stick and Matt

Really fun interview with Stick and Matt

Main tournament Update Day 3

Falafel's interview

Fun interview with Falafel

Katja VS Pia

Day 3 Update

Carter Mattig

Carter Mattig interviewed in the play room

Main event Update 1

Main Event Update 1

Talk with Chiva and Steen about Backgammon taking on the World!

Interview with Chiva and Steen

WATCH THIS! Sweet and short walkabout the event!!

Sander Lylloff interview

Inside on Sander Lylloff 

Nordic Open 2010 - Introduction

Zoe Cunningham introduces you to the Nordic Open 2010!

Gus Hansen Interview

We learn a bit more about Gus Hansen, his past and his projects.

Denmark v.s the World

Denmark v.s the World introduction

DK v.s the World - Interview with the World Capitain Stick Rice

Stick Rice interview about DK v.s the World

DK v.s the World - Interview with the Denmark's capitain, Morten Holm

Morten Holm talk to us about his team and predictions

DK v.s the World update 1

first update from the DK v.s the World 

DK v.s the World double matches

DK v.s the World doubles intro


Casino Rip and the Nordic Open

Main tournament start

Main tournament intro

Morten Holm interview

Interview with Morten Holm

Interview in the lift with Mochy

Mochy interview in the lift!

Lady's tournament overview

Overview of the Lady's tournament